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Top 9 things Rudy teaches as a motivation speaker

rudy ruettiger

I heard Rudy Ruettiger speak this month as a guest at a neighboring university. Not only does he have a great story, he’s a great motivational speaker. Admittedly, I went because I love his movieβ€”the greatest sports film ever made. But I stayed for his choice commentary on life, guts, and optimism. These are the nine ideas that most inspired me:

  • “Don’t hang around negative people. They will destroy your dreams and your passions.”
  • “Combat goofy thoughts with little moments of victory.” (Remember things you do well to avoid beating yourself up over a mistake.)
  • “When you get mad, you should pray.”
  • “You’re not a bad person if you make a mistake. Just don’t make it again.”
  • “My football career [what Rudy calls his moment] lasted only 27 seconds. Don’t cheat your moment by cutting corners in your preparation.”
  • “Always project enthusiasm. It influences people, unlike pessimism.”
  • “You don’t need a lot to be a somebody. You need a dream and heart.”
  • “Do not surrender to authorities. Surrender to people who pick you up.”
  • “It took me 10 years before someone finally agreed to make my movie, when I was 44. Be patient in life. Your big moment will come.”