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Website Stroke of Genius (Pun Intended)

A painter from Switzerland, Sala, is selling 1000 paintings online of the first 1000 numbers on a first come first serve basis. The selling price of each painting is calculated like this:

Value = 1000 – number.
Initial discount: 90%.
Current discount: 80%.
The discount will decrease by an absolute 10% for every 100 paintings sold.
Min. price: $40.

So far, the man has sold 271 paintings. This guy just gets it. Expect his website, 1000 Paintings to be a case study on virality, internet marketing, scarcity, urgency, and the tipping point. It’s brilliant, and I’m contemplating which number to buy (500 was already sold). Take a look at this site, and soak up the internet genius that it is…