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Why I dislike sports media

Who does the sports media work for? Here’s a hint. The fan. And that’s a problem because it’s seems like sports writers, broadcasters, and other media outlets always sympathize with athletes. A majority of ESPN writers even say they would still vote Mark MacGuire into the hall of fame knowing he took steroids. What? Yeah, and Ben Johnson should still hold the world record in the 100m dash even though he was juiced at the time.

I recently read an article in which the author compared athletes that use steroids to rock stars that are under the influence while writing songs. He cites that the Beatles are widely believed to have been high while writing many of their songs. Here’s the problem with that horrible analogy: there’s no evidence that being high allows a musician to write a better song. On the contrary, pumping steroids into your bloodstream will increase your strength, allow you to run faster, and even time a 95mph fastball more precisely.

Mass media along with their archaic writers drive me crazy. Long live internet news via weblogs.

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