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Why I love web comments


Reason #428: The YouTube comment thread for Maurice Ravel’s masterful single-movement crescendo, Boléro. Some of my favorites:

  • doesn’t anyone ever feel bad for the drummer?
  • if i could squeeze my whole childhood into one thing it? would be this song
  • If I had a dollar for every poorly written Ravel piece, I’d have zero? dollars.
  • I love the? part from 0:00 to 14:52
  • Little known fact is that this was originaly going to be the legend of zelda theme. Look? it up.
  • I’m more into house music,hip-hop and reagge but this music is? a master piece.
  • thumbs up? if your awesome taste of music brought you here.
  • The trombone part at 8:00 gives me goosebumps every time i hear it, without fail. amazing how jazz was such an influence in orchestral? 20th century music. love it!
  • As someone who has played this snare part, I can confirm that it is indeed excruciating.?

Although I really like this piece, the only thing I don’t like is the tempo change right at the ending climax. With the flat (or is it sharp?) notes, it comes off sounding a bit sloppy. If I were a conductor, I’d remix it to keep the tempo, kill the flat notes, and finish strong on the last note like it already does. Either way, the YouTube commenters are witty if not insightful.