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Highly recommended: This wireless speaker has enriched my life

cambridge audio minx air 200

Exposing my kids to great music is a goal of mine. To accomplish this, I incessantly listen to back catalogs, one-hit wonders, greatest hits, new music, and low profile artists in search of the most timeless, dance-able, moving, and energetic songs. Then I test what I find among my household audience.

So far I’ve done an admirable job, with exception to sharing said music on a proper hi-fi. That all changed this year after acquiring the wireless¬†Cambridge Air 200. It looks like an all-in-one Bose system, but sounds significantly richer, cleaner, and fuller without muddy sounds or the inflated Bose price.¬†

I plopped mine atop granite counter tops in my kitchen and am delighted by the sound every time I pair the systeme with my phone, computer, iPod, or other wired or wireless sound source. Whereas before my music was relegated to under powered computer speakers, portable but tinny bluetooth speakers, or headphones, our music now fills our home in the manner it deserves; centrally located, conveniently streamed, with an “amazing sound,” according to my audiophile friend.

At $500, the Air 200 ain’t cheap. And connecting devices sometimes requires a few more button presses than it should before recognizing a device. But overall, it’s been a joy. Even my sometimes musically indifferent wife acknowledges the subwoofer stereo as one of the best things to happen to us this year.

For anyone who listens to music at least once a month, I highly recommend it. Four and a half stars out of five.