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Shoot first, focus later

If accurate (and I stress accurate, given that the photos are supplied by the company hoping to sell the new camera), this still unreleased camera sounds super cool. Since it reportedly records more information than a normal camera, the user can refocus after the fact. Try it by clicking the image above.

The benefits of spilling milk on a point and shoot camera

Our family camera of three and a half years has been having aperture issues for a while. The trusty Canon would still take pictures, but the quality was getting progressively worse. Still, that didn’t deter me from stretching my dollar.

This morning, however, I noticed spilt chocolate milk all over the camera. Lindsey and the girls were visiting their grandpa in Salt Lake City last night, and the two products must have crossed wires in the diaper bag.

It was as good of an excuse as any to finally upgrade to the digital SLR camera shown above.