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Food for thought: If your house was on fire, what would you reach for first?

Courtesy Shutterstock

If it were me, I’d grab my home office computer. It has gobs of family photos and videos on it—nearly one terabyte and two decades worth. It would likely be several times larger than that, but

For years I paid and used an online backup service. But then it didn’t work so well. So I backed up some of my library on Google but have yet to organize and upload everything.

But that’s not really the point. The point is thinking about what you value most. And since I value experiences over things, I suppose the only things I really collect are memories and photos.

So that’s what I would reach for first in a blazing inferno.

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For $10, I made my iPad infinitely better

dockem ipad dock

My household is in the minority. We don’t use our iPad much, preferring instead smartphones, TV apps, and good old-fashioned laptops with keyboards.

That changed this week when I discovered an accessory that transformed the family iPad into something mesmerizing. A simple, $10 wall dock. Adhere it to the wall. Slip in any old tablet, enable slideshow mode, and voila! The device becomes useful wall art.

Since assembling the dock, I’ve caught most members of the family staring at, smiling at, and enjoying the iPad for extending periods of time, thanks to the 10 years of photographic evidence on display. It’s the best way I know to move albums from a hard drive into the living room.

Facebook: I never looked like much of a football player

1993 blake football

Photographer had me pose like that because I was a running back. Or at least I tried to be.

Fun fact: Those Puma “soccer” cleats are actually hand-me-downs from my older brother—an understandable side effect of growing up with five siblings.

Photo taken in 1993, after numerous bouts of Bull in the Ring. Image courtesy Cathy Snow (Hi, Mom!)

Look, ma! It’s hard taking photos of pro sporting events


I had the chance to cover Real Salt Lake last week on assignment for USA Soccer Stud. In addition to following two World Cup hopefuls from the press box, I snapped some pics with my trusty (but basic) SLR camera. Who knew sports photography was this hard!?

(Sorry for ever doubting you, photojournalists). Following are some of the better shots I took, sans telephoto lens, and by better I mean not very good. Keep reading…

My name forever immortalized as New Mexican fast food


Tim Ormond, a long-time friend and Smooth Harold reader, sent me a photo this week of perhaps the best-named restaurant chain in New Mexico. “I eat here every time I’m on business,” he texted from Albuquerque, referring to Blake’s Lotaburger. “They have a wicked good green chili burger.”

Unbeknownst to Tim, my mother has a photo of me standing underneath this handsome signage in a shoe box somewhere, taken when I was but five years old, as the family was passing through. Again, I’m kind of a big deal. In the southwest, anyways.

The best $3 I’ve every spent in my adult life


Never being good enough in real life, my brother and I would vicariously live the life of true skateboarders on finger boards. We could pop ollies and rail slide on real boards, and rode them often. But you should see how rad a kick flip I can land with this little guy. I used to play with several like him for hours as a child.

So imagine the nostalgic punch to the face after spotting one at the toy store on Friday, while shopping for the girls. I had no idea they still sold them. With Lindsey teasing at my side, reminding me that I will turn 30 this summer, I excitedly considered all available options. I decided an a gnarly Alien Workshop miniature.

Best $3 I’ve ever spent in my adult life. Interchangeable wheels, stickers, and screw driver included in the set!

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Words to live by: Don’t be stupid!

Don’t be stupid

Lindsey and I took the girls and our friends The Andersen’s on Friday to Jumping Jacks, an indoor playhouse with more than 6 dozen connected trampolines. I especially liked the warning sign: “Please jump in control. Don’t be stupid!”

I love taking jumps in life, so long as they’re “in control,” and I hate the consequences associated with being stupid. Definitely words to live by. A cute picture of Lindsey and the girls after the break…

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Oh the irony of multi-level marketers


It’s a little difficult to read, but that posh, Geo Prism promises you can make $20k a month while working from home. Now I understand a lot of millionaires drive run-down cars, because cars are a lousy investment. But something tells me this guy isn’t a millionaire (hint: it’s the tasteless ad written in long hand).

[Photo by Mark Ormond, while driving even]

The benefits of spilling milk on a point and shoot camera

Our family camera of three and a half years has been having aperture issues for a while. The trusty Canon would still take pictures, but the quality was getting progressively worse. Still, that didn’t deter me from stretching my dollar.

This morning, however, I noticed spilt chocolate milk all over the camera. Lindsey and the girls were visiting their grandpa in Salt Lake City last night, and the two products must have crossed wires in the diaper bag.

It was as good of an excuse as any to finally upgrade to the digital SLR camera shown above.