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More than one way to skin a cat: Finding offline balance a different way


Regular Smooth Harold readers and those closest to me already know I take a hardline to offline balance. With exception to the rare 2-3 emergencies per year, I don’t open email or answer work-related calls on nights, weekends, or during mini vacations. I killed my phone’s data plan three years ago, and I quit Facebook two years ago.

Furthermore, unless its for leisure, educational, shopping or correspondence reasons, I try to stay away from my iPhone, Chromebook, iPad, desktop or any other internet-connected device as much as possible during down time. The strategy has made me a better person, worker, husband, father, recreationist, adventurer, brother, and friend. I’ve even managed to increase my income, despite working fewer hours.

That said, I’m not the only one to have found offline balance. In fact, my approach would largely only work for similar extroverts with similar compulsion disorders. Simply put, there are other ways to find offline balance. Continue reading…

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My brother has built one of the nicest data centers in the world

fogo data center

It’s not the biggest data center. But in terms of technology — including containment, a bajillion security checks, monitoring, and backups of backups — it has to be within the top one percent in the nation, if not the world. And it was built in itty bitty Carrollton, the rural Georgian city I spent my formative years in.

Congratulations, Brooks and Clay! More photos here.

Where’s Brooks when I need him?


I got the new Punch-Out for Wii today and have been reveling in the nostolgia and reliving the combos required to beat each opponent. Currently I’m stuck on that frackin’ Great Tiger, who uses tricky teleportation punches to win. Cheater. My older brother Brooks was always better at this game. Where’s a good wing man when you need one?

What’s the fastest you’ve ever been in a car?

I’m not a very daring individual. I only joyride down a mountain when snowboarding — never racing.

So it comes as no surprise that the fastest I’ve ever been in a car was 136 miles per hour. It was in my Dad’s 1988 Sterling with my brother behind the wheel while in high school. We were cruising down a hilly back road in Georgia with some friends and decided to see how fast we could go. We chickened out at 136.

What’s the fastest you’ve ever been in a car?