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The Best Mass Advertisers

Pay-per-click, as many once believed, will not take over the world. Neither will pay-per-action. Reason being? A person’s evoked set. That is the brain being stimulated by previous bombardment of ads through either visuals, audio, or other media that the person isn’t actively seeking, but given the right time, will select one based on who’s advertised the most to them.

It’s the reason that I went to Geico several years ago for car insurance, though I’ve never clicked on their online ads. It’s the reason I (first) took my car to Midas to get fixed, though I’ve never signed up for a coupon or promotion with them. And it’s the reason if I ever need to find an old classmate, I’ll turn to, though I’ve never clicked on one of their ads. You don’t always have to click, or do something to spend your money, hence, exposure still has a price, and mass advertising still works. Granted, PPC allows me to earn some scratch on the side with a few of my sites, but once traffic gets high enough (250,000 page views/month), it’ll be all CPM (cost per thousand impression) advertising which is much more lucrative.

So with that, who are some of your favorite mass advertisers? I still love Geico commercials as they always seem to mix it up and leave me entertained, and the recent Burger King commercials (Big Hunkin’ Chicken) really crack me up too. And don’t even get me started on Red Strip (“Hooray Beer!”). Hilarious!