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GamePro: Take This Job (and love it!)

In the early 80s, video game programmers did all the work: sprite design, writing, music — you name it. Often times, one or two people was all it took to develop a hit.

But these days, hundreds of programmers, artists, and designers work together to create our favorite games. Here’s a handy explanation of some of the most common jobs held inside a game studio.

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GamePro: The 8 Most Powerful Video Game Studios

Most gamers are familiar with big name publishers like Electronic Arts, Activision, and Sega. But what about the development studios themselves? You know, the ones that actually make the games, not just distribute them. Behold! Here are eight of the most important ones, in terms of multiple hits, present impact, and cash money.

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Student Developers

Today while in a strategy meeting, I voiced my concern in utilizing student developers to hit paid deadlines. My opinion? Don’t use student developers if you want to deliver the project on time. The reason? A majority of students (at least BYU) are more concerned with getting A’s than delivering the goods.

That statement is flawed, though, in that some students put school lower on their priority list. When I started Griffio as a Senior BYU student, I remember ditching classes left and right to make sure our clients were happy. If you can find students that import more with real world applications, then it’s a go.