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Be a lamb. Help me identify this sad, sad song. UPDATED

UPDATED: In less than three hours, Smooth Harold reader Whit identified it! Thanks, Whit.

My memory and Google skills are failing me. After searching for an hour last night, I was unable to recall this really good sad song I heard last week. Some identifying attributes:

  1. Sung by a man.
  2. Not outright country, but I remember a little twang in it. Definitely a slow song.
  3. The man is singing to his wife, who has left him (again) at the worst of times, leaving him with the kids even.
  4. The song may or may not reference poverty, job, loss, etc, making the heartbreak all the more painful.
  5. A car or reference to “driving away’ may or may not be involved.
  6. I know the guy says something to the effect that he is truly heartbroken, especially by the timing of the women’s departure.

It’s one of the best sad songs I’ve ever heard. Any ideas, Internet?

Help wanted: Writer for hire

I’m looking to pay a fun, inquisitive, and bold writer to help with an editorial project I’m working on. Position would require researching, interviewing, and writing 600-800 word feature stories.

If you or someone you know are interested, please direct them to with portfolio work and interests. Please use, “Pick me, Smooth Harold!” as the subject line. Experience with oxford commas a plus!

In other news, this year is gonna be awesome.

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