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Tagged web software

Newly launhced Griffio project:

After six and a half months, we’ve just deployed our latest social website built on the Rails framework. We’re pleasantly surprised with the turnout. The new offers tagged browsing, a member profile system, a user-generated blog (hyperaggregated), recipe box, stat tracking of just about anything you want, weight loss competitions, AJAX graphs, and a whole lot more. Sign up for a FREE account today and let me know what you think in the comments. Credits:

Publisher: Chad Blodgett
Architect: Blake Snow
Developer: Robert Bradford

UPDATE: Well this is some nice early praise from Jeff Jordan the sales ninja: “[WeightLossWars] is already my favorite social network… This is the first social network that I have convinced my wife to join. She’s always been a hater of the 2.0 stuff, so this is a big step in our relationship… Congrats to Chad, Blake and the Griffio team for teaming up to make this happen!” Thanks, Jeff!

Adobe to launch FREE online Photoshop in six months

TechCrunch is reporting that Adobe will release a FREE, online edition of Photoshop within six months time. I’m a little iffy on its likely performance (since larger PSD’s gobble up so much RAM), but if it’s a suitable alternative, my journey to the webtop will be near complete. Here’s a list of current software I use online, all the time:

  • Email: Gmail.
  • Word processing: Google Docs (just wrote my latest 1400 word column on it)
  • Spreadsheets: Again, Google Docs.
  • Research: FireFox
  • Blogging: Blogsmith, WordPress, Blogger, custom Rails blogging software
  • Podcasting: Skype (though I have to use local recording software)
  • Landline: Vonage. Manage all of my phone settings online

I still use iTunes, Dreamweaver, Fetch (ftp), and Photoshop locally, but I’m all about migrating files and tools online in an effort to make my work flow more accessible from anywhere. How much of a webtop are you currently using?