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My thrilling status updates for the week

  • Too much estrogen in this house. #
  • Blimpie > Subway #
  • So shines a good deed in a weary world. #
  • Wishes Bush and Obama would have followed Clinton’s lead in balancing the budget, after watching this visual aide: #
  • needs to mow the lawn. Anyone want to trade? #
  • So much time, and so little to do! #
  • New Kevin Butler ad is so wrong it’s right: #
  • thinks Georgia is the original gangster of the South. #
  • Watch this base runner dive over the catcher for an awesome run: #
  • Smart business (and philanthropy) model: #
  • is writing a story on things science has so far failed to explain. Any nominations? #
  • Bloglines epic fail. Maybe it’s time I convert to Google Reader. #
  • wants to play this course this summer: #
  • hopes the weather clears in time to see the Cougs beat the Utes in baseball for a second consecutive night. #
  • is considering whether to buy this font or not. Looks good, no? #
  • Silly Interneters. This information will come back to bite you. I promise. #
  • Doesn’t buy this crap: – Don’t blame a single moment for your failure. Blame your lack of effort elsewhere. #

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