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My thrilling status updates for the week

  • Go BYU! #
  • thinks salted Edamame is the best snack food ever. #
  • thinks technology writers sound stupid when they say “the cloud” for the Internet. I believe you’re smart; just say the latter, m’kay? #
  • People are valuable because they are human, not because of what they do. #
  • Christmas tree erected. The girls and I went up to the mountains to cut one down. Not a full as Oregon conifers, but it’s purty & fragrant. #
  • can’t get his two-year old to stop pushing up her sleeves, in cold weather even. #
  • Who would win in a fight: Cream of Wheat or Malt ‘O Meal? #
  • Grab your bag. It’s on. #
  • is watching the World Cup draw on #
  • has a smokin’ hot date tonight. #

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