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5 companies that hold a special place in my heart

For one reason or another—both personally and professionally—these companies can do almost no wrong in my eyes:

  1. Dell. I built my first computer as a freshman in high school. Overclocked it, modified it, loved it. Later on, I built several more for family members. And then made-to-order Dell took over the world by the late ’90s. I enthusiastically appreciated their customization, affordability, and no-nonsense style. A decade later, Dell officials hired me as a contract writer for three consecutive years. That engagement largely paid for the downpayment on my first and only house. Although they’ve changed significantly since the ’90s and I now compute on a Macintosh, I still admire them. Continue reading…

Commercial of the year: A mighty roar that tells the world: “We’re coming for you.”


I love airplanes. I love travel. And I love this Delta commercial which is the embodiment of both.

Although United has come on strong this year, Delta remains my preferred airline for its reliability and affordability. Keep climbing.

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I’d happily fly Continental again

Continental Airlines

Lindsey and I took the girls to visit their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins in good ‘ole Georgia last week. We found a smoking deal on airfare, which just so happen to be on Continental — a first for yours truly who usually flies Delta (for no other reason that low fares and a sky miles account).

I must say, I was impressed with the “service to Atlanta.” First off, Continental coach is way more roomy than any other consumer airline I’ve flown over the last decade, maybe ever. The seats aren’t leather, but they’re comfy, and I’d take legroom over leather any day. Continue reading…