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Working in a webtop environment

Though I tend to criticize Google from time to time (Note: I fear monopolies and appreciate strong competition as a consumer), I loves me some Gmail. I’ve used the web-based email client for a year now, and it’s definitely consolidated my headaches, my email accounts, and made me more productive by way of a pseudo webtop (or lack of heavy desktop application use).

Gmail works so well, in fact, I even use it as my online processor. I can’t remember the last time I’ve opened Microsoft Word. I produce proposals, agreements, milestone tables, etc using Gmail so I have an online archive of all client notes and documents in one place. I even email myself files and/or notes as needed. No more thumbdrives, cross-computer headaches, and networking issues for me. I do most everything online now.

I’m also a Nazi when it comes to keeping my inbox empty. Reason being is that I use my inbox as a task box in addition to receiving new emails. If an email or alert (via Gcal) doesn’t contain a call to action, it gets archived quick-like to a Gmail label that I use as folders. All action items and tasks then remain in my inbox for review and completion. I archive items when completed. So if my inbox is clean, life is good.

So in a word, I’m grateful for how Gmail has changed my work habits for the better and help me transition to a quasi-webtop. For the most part, I’m happy with just a browser and an internet connection. Are you closer to working in a webtop world? Are you still using a local based email client?