Blake Snow

writer-for-hire, content guy, bestselling author

As seen on CNN, NBC, ABC, Fox, Wired, Yahoo!, BusinessWeek, Wall Street Journal
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My work: What, for whom, where, and how


“Content marketing is not discretionary. If you want to reach millions, never trust your story to a copywriter, ad agency, or unknown writer.”

A lot of suits refer to my work as content marketing, custom publishing, editorial consulting, or brand journalism. I just call it really good storytelling.

Whatever you call it, I believe it’s the most powerful online marketing tool in the information age. It’s how I’ve reached millions of readers, developed my audience, and grown my business.

I do this by writing engaging content on my clients behalf, which I’ve done for nearly a decade. I typically work with marketing and communications departments at Fortune 500 companies to help them chart, deploy, analyze, produce, adapt, and maintain successful editorial and content marketing campaigns.

My deliverable often includes strategic guidance and editorial planning. It always includes production of written assets. I don’t do media relations work, although I can provide insight into the best way of reaching gatekeepers having worked on that side of the curtain.

Brands I’ve worked for



I might be a good fit if…

  • You’re unsatisfied with current voice, editorial identity, story, or audience engagement
  • You need help realizing your content plan with a seasoned editor of exclusive content
  • You’re looking to add a growth-generating writer with a strong voice

My results include an increase in traffic (as high as 10X in some cases), audience, higher engagement (i.e. conversions and click-throughs), flatter staging process, higher output/more frequent content per dollar, and a re-purposing of existing but overlooked content. I work for both external/outbound publications as well as internal/inbound. That could include blogs, newsletters, social media adaptations, email and any other communication or messaging channels in need of influence. On average, my clients retain me for 2-3 years, after which most of their content problems have been solved. A number of them keep me on after that as an ongoing contributor, storyteller, and editor/consultant at large (See also: case studies and success stories).

My workflow may include:

Content audit → Performance review → Audience profile → Insights → Voice identity → Editorial strategy → Production and storytelling → Rinse and repeat

Executives that hire me are usually after

  • More traffic, audience development, better engagement
  • Higher conversions, time on site, and click-throughs
  • Increased inbound interest, leads, and publicity
  • Getting their point across, story told, and sustaining an ongoing narrative (whether externally or internally)

My primary competitors are

  • Insourcing / companies trying to leverage inside writing talent (which are usually indisposed elsewhere, i.e. content takes a back seat, and/or lacking experience reaching millions of people, let alone thousands)
  • Content departments within ad and social media agencies
  • Green writers on the cheap
  • Underperforming but “safe” (because everybody’s doing it) social media and SEO budgets

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