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Overheard at the Snow’s house: “You have a comb over”

I already told about my new hairdo, the “Reverse Cow Lick.” I haven’t cut it in a while, so the swirl is getting a little long. This morning, my wife looked at me awkwardly and said, “The back of your hair looks messed up, because you’re wearing a comb over. Your cowlick is all over the place!”

Ladies a gentleman, a new world record. First man with a full head of hair to rock a comb over.

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I got a hair cut

After seven long years, I have finally retired spiky (aka disheveled) hair, some three to four years since it went out of style. In recent years, I would periodically rock the faux hawk for fun, but my decade mainstay was usually spiky — until now.

Before the spike, it was an outdated Caesar cut. Before that it was a naturally curly shag and sometimes Afro cut while in high school. Before that it was a bowl cut in middle school. And before that it was a clean-cut part in elementary school — no funny business.

I’m not sure what to call my new do, but I’ve started “swirling” it from my non-parted side to my parted side, thereby disguising any part whatsoever. I guess you could technically call it a “Reverse Cowlick.” Some hipsters I see when traveling to San Francisco or New York display a variation of this cut, but much more delicately than me.

Whatever it is, I’m happy to be spike free. It was time.