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5 questions I wish a bold journalist would ask the president

Now before any dreamy eyed Obama voters get offended by the timing of this, I’m in no way calling our nascent President a failure. I’m still hopeful. But as an American, I want answers, which is what good reporting should be seeking anyway. So why haven’t these questions been asked (or maybe I missed them)? Continue reading…

8 reasons Obama is better than you think

I didn’t vote for Obama yesterday. I voted Ron Paul (knowing he wouldn’t win) because I believe limited government is what’s needed most right now as this country approaches bankruptcy. You can’t change the world or serve the people as a government if you’re broke.

But I was happy nonetheless last night with Obama’s election — it was an exciting and historical moment. While I strongly disagree with his big government ideas, I take comfort in his upcoming presidency for the following reasons: Continue reading…