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5 questions I wish a bold journalist would ask the president

Now before any dreamy eyed Obama voters get offended by the timing of this, I’m in no way calling our nascent President a failure. I’m still hopeful. But as an American, I want answers, which is what good reporting should be seeking anyway. So why haven’t these questions been asked (or maybe I missed them)?

  1. How did you decide on $800 billion as the stimulus amount? Seems like a precise number for such economic uncertainty.
  2. Why give more tax payer money, borrowed I might add, to troubled companies, seeing how the first $750 billion bailout (which you voted for as a senator) provided little to no economic relief?
  3. Why do we still have bankruptcy in this country? The federal government’s recent behavior suggests this is no longer a remedy for those unable to repay creditors.
  4. At what point must debtors, either home owners or businesses, pay for bad debt? The federal government’s recent behavior suggests it’s better for the economy to artificially prolong said reconciliation or let tax payers absorb the cost.
  5. You’re following the most liberal spending president of all time, who had a dismal showing and was on duty when the recession hit, and yet you’re spending at a rate faster than him. How do you respond to that?

DISCLOSURE: I’m a registered independent, and I’m concerned with the amount of spending going on, because I favor limited government and greater state power. As the Associated Press reported on Sunday, Obama’s economic spending “is unnerving.”