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To all my readers: Let’s play chess

mzl.iomiwyel.320x480-75Hey, you there. Yeah, you. Let’s play chess. It’s my new favorite pastime. Here’s how we can play each other:

  1. Locals only: Ask me. I’ve got a nice wooden board we can play on with big pieces. OR…
  2. Download Chess Time for iOS or Android, then invite blizake to play (or add you user name in the comments)

Although I prefer playing in person, digital chess is better than no chess.

What a game.

Thanks to Josh Rhine for making this my favorite app.

Proof that lack of focus kills a company (or how to save Sony)


The New York times ran an insightful piece this weekend on the decline of Sony, which is valued at just a quarter of where it was a decade ago, and just one thirtieth the size of Apple:

“Sony makes too many models, and for none of them can they say, ‘This contains our best, most cutting-edge technology,’ ” Mr. Sakito said. “Apple, on the other hand, makes one amazing phone in just two colors and says, ‘This is the best.’ ”

In addition to department infighting, that really sums up Sony’s troubles: too much product, none of them hits. Continue reading…