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For great U.S. architecture, focus on these three big cities

Courtesy Chicago Tourism

As the third largest country in the world, the United States is roughly 2,600 miles wide by 1,500 miles tall. And unlike larger or comparably-sized countries such as Russia, Canada, China, and Brazil, the U.S. is known for being more culturally and geographically diverse.

While that size and variety result in a top-rated place to see and experience a lot of new things, there is a downside—particularly when it comes to seeing and visiting the nation’s greatest buildings and architectural feats. With so much to see on such a large canvas, it might seem overwhelming.

For those interested in skyscrapers, big monuments, and remarkable structures, however, I’ve got good news. A large portion of America’s most iconic buildings can be found in three of its greatest cities. To see many of the best in as little time as possible, take the following approach.  Continue reading…

America exports a lot of planes, medicinal machines, computers, cars, and plastic

I’m a little late on this (gulp, nine months late), but I found it interesting. From the U.S. Census Bureau, via Suite 101:

  1. Civilian aircraft including parts … US$74.7 billion, up 1% from 2008 (7.1% of total US exports)
  2. Medicinal, dental and pharmaceutical preparations … $46.1 billion, up 14.1% (4.4%)
  3. Semiconductors … $37.5 billion, down 26% (3.5%)
  4. Other industrial machines … $30.9 billion, down 19.1% (2.9%)
  5. Automotive parts and accessories … $30 billion, down 24.6% (2.8%)
  6. Telecommunications equipment … $28.7 billion, down 12.6% (2.7%)
  7. Passenger cars … $27.5 billion, down 44.5% (2.6%)
  8. Medicinal equipment … $26.9 billion, down 0.5% (2.5%)
  9. Electric apparatus … $26.1 billion, down 15.5% (2.5%)
  10. Plastic materials … $25.5 billion, down 19.3% (2.4%)
The biggest drop last year was in passenger cars, which went from being our third largest export in 2008 to our seventh. Ford is still awesome though.

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Regarding the U.S. financial crisis

I fear for the future value of my hard-earned dollar. I no longer trust the federal government with spending, nor do countries abroad. When that happens en masse, the dollar will crash.

Sadly, that’s the price we pay for electing big-government knuckleheads into office, and for letting the Federal Reserve buy 80 percent of AIG for $95 billion without a vote, even though U.S. taxpayers will have to pick up the tab.

Man, is our federal government broken (I trust state government so much more right now). When will they understand that “this insanity and the problems we face economically will only occur when we allow the economy to find its own equilibrium. We have to allow the market to endure a recession, we have to allow failure.” — Joe M.

For the sake of our country, at the least to make a statement, write in Ron Paul for president this November. It appears McBama will only continue the trend of frivolous spending and federal intervention.

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