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Facebook: I never looked like much of a football player

1993 blake football

Photographer had me pose like that because I was a running back. Or at least I tried to be.

Fun fact: Those Puma “soccer” cleats are actually hand-me-downs from my older brother—an understandable side effect of growing up with five siblings.

Photo taken in 1993, after numerous bouts of Bull in the Ring. Image courtesy Cathy Snow (Hi, Mom!)

The best $3 I’ve every spent in my adult life


Never being good enough in real life, my brother and I would vicariously live the life of true skateboarders on finger boards. We could pop ollies and rail slide on real boards, and rode them often. But you should see how rad a kick flip I can land with this little guy. I used to play with several like him for hours as a child.

So imagine the nostalgic punch to the face after spotting one at the toy store on Friday, while shopping for the girls. I had no idea they still sold them. With Lindsey teasing at my side, reminding me that I will turn 30 this summer, I excitedly considered all available options. I decided an a gnarly Alien Workshop miniature.

Best $3 I’ve ever spent in my adult life. Interchangeable wheels, stickers, and screw driver included in the set!

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Not gross I promise: Anybody else have leukonychia?


If you look closely at the above picture—through the flash glare—you’ll see a little white spot on my fingernail. For as long as I can remember, I get one every few months or so. It’s called Leukonychia Punctata, the most common form of random white spots on fingernails. It is usually caused by a deficiency of zinc in one’s diet or mild trauma to the nail, doctors say.

I’m not sure what causes mine. But thanks to an insatiably curiosity and my ninja Google skills, I finally have a proper diagnosis. Ahhh. That feels better. Anybody else get spots on their fingernails?

Words to live by: Don’t be stupid!

Don’t be stupid

Lindsey and I took the girls and our friends The Andersen’s on Friday to Jumping Jacks, an indoor playhouse with more than 6 dozen connected trampolines. I especially liked the warning sign: “Please jump in control. Don’t be stupid!”

I love taking jumps in life, so long as they’re “in control,” and I hate the consequences associated with being stupid. Definitely words to live by. A cute picture of Lindsey and the girls after the break…

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Google Maps: “Swim across the Atlantic Ocean – 3,462 mi”

So reads Google Maps’ directions when traveling from New York to London. Good to know if your traversing the pond anytime soon…

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