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Top 20 U.S. media: How I make news for them

SAM_0285If it weren’t for my big blogging break, I might not have contributed to some of the biggest names in media, including half of the top 20 U.S. media, and dozens more in the top 100.

But I did. How’d I do it? Excepting luck and good timing, here’s what I attribute my writing success to:

  1. An insatiably curiosity. I ask a lot of dumb questions. And sometimes I ask good questions. But I’m always asking questions, which fuels my quest for answers, insights, understanding, and ultimately, great stories.
  2. Really good headlines. You wanna know how to get people, including top editors, executives, and VIPs to read your email? Write a headline they cannot overlook. One that you yourself would surely click if you were in their shoes. I apply the same skill that got me in the door when advising my clients.
  3. Honest writing. I rarely, if ever, say anything in a story that I don’t believe. I try my hardest to avoid overstating things. That makes my writing more honest than most.
  4. Persistence. I’ve lost count of how many times a story was first rejected, only to have it later accepted thanks to tenacity and a never-say-die spirit. In fact, some of my biggest stories were shot down by 20 or more editors. Same goes for clients. Some of my best accounts said no several times before finding the right person that said, “yes.” In other words, don’t take no for an answer until you’ve talked to every guy in the room.
  5. I live to hear “I’ve never thought of that before.” I pride myself on being different. As such, I like to think of my work as inception. As something that inspires, spurs interest, or encourages people to learn more.

I’m sure there are more reasons. But those are the ones that stand out.

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