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Eat at your own risk: Soda, red meat, hot dogs, and alcohol may shorten life



After deciding to attempt centenarian status, I’ve become hyper-aware of my health.

I won’t touch fad diets with a 10 foot pole. But I exercise regularly, I’m cognizant about the things I put into my body, and I think about how I consume food.

So caught my eye last month after crunching the numbers on foods that may shorten life, specifically those that harm our DNA’s ability to protect itself from disease. The four that made their list: Continue reading…

What’s your favorite soft drink?

The term soft drink (more commonly known as pop, soda, or soda pop in parts of the United States and Canada, or simply coke in the South, or fizzy drinks in the U.K.; sometimes called minerals in Ireland) refers to drinks, often carbonated, that do not contain alcohol. — Wikipedia

After sucking down my second glass of sudsy A&W Cream Soda this morning, I might have to give it the nod. Either that or delicious Shirley Temples. What’s your favorite soft drink?