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On a roll! I only swore three times last year.

Ten years ago, I self-enrolled in anger management class. Next to marriage counseling, it was a turning point for my emotional intelligence.

Two year ago, I had the idea to quit swearing for good. I was convinced it let the cat out of the bag with my temper and I was right. I only swore eight times in 2022. And I only swore three times last year.

I say this because my number of outbursts and tantrums have dramatically dropped. It’s empowering. So if you have anger issues, I encourage to stop cursing because words matter.

Good luck!

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Don’t believe the hype: These 5 ingredients make “tech” companies

As a long-time tech journalist, I’ve noticed an interesting trend over the years. Companies who aren’t really tech companies will call themselves that anyway.

This is becauseĀ “tech” is a lot like “new,” “free,” or “sale.” These words get people’s attention. So a lot of companies say they’re “tech” for the free publicity.

One such company is WeWork, a real-estate company that leases short and long-term office space stocked with free beer, cool lighting, and a community-for-hire for remote workers like myself. Continue reading…