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Tagged fear of the unknown

HOW TO HOPE: 10 ways to starve your fears

Credit: Blake Snow

My wife and I believe the world is inherently good and we want to indoctrinate our children to think the same. Not by ignoring society’s seedy underbelly. But with measurable evidence such as this that overwhelmingly proves the world is getting better and better.

To that end, my wife shared the following quote with our children and I over breakfast recently: “Feed your faith and your fear will starve.” In other words, people who are afraid are usually consumed by doubt.

But in my experience, we can replace that fear and doubt with hope and love by doing the following:  Continue reading…

Glenn Beck calls me a loser

img2.jpgI like video games and write about them for a living, hence I’m a loser.

Or so said conservative commentator Glenn Beck on Monday talk radio when speaking of recent Grand Theft Auto IV controversies. “If you play video games, and you blog about video games, you’re a loser,” he quipped.

Incidentally, the Mecca of Glenn Beck’s Mormon faith, Salt Lake City, was named the video game capital of America last year.

For the record, I am also a practicing Mormon.

[Thanks for the tip, Josh]