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10 things I’ve thought about recently

  1. Reading about humanity’s underbelly is hard, but its exposure is important work.
  2. PREDICTION: “On fleek” will never be as cool as rad, righteous, legit, wicked, or even “groovy.” Like “dank” did before it, it’ll fade.
  3. Bad news: Corporate spies steal $300 billion from U.S. Good news: Can’t steal ingenuity.
  4. Nice! This story helps me appreciate “good parent privilege,” less talk, and the danger of overconfidence
  5. This classy, elegant Mozart masterpiece never gets old. I still adore it two decades after first hearing it.
  6. Is Scandinavia’s “high quality of life” a myth? This guy makes a compelling argument.
  7. On the miracle of life: “It is rather as if all the ingredients in your kitchen somehow got together and baked themselves into a cake—but a cake that could moreover divide when necessary to produce more cakes!”—Bill Bryson
  8. Wouldn’t it be cool to set a national goal of exploring and mapping the bottom of the ocean? Why haven’t we done this yet?
  9. I suspect anti-GMO activism is anti-science scaremongering largely funded by the “organic” food industry.
  10. I’ve read hundreds of books but still think of this one often.

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