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5 years later: My thoughts on 9/11

Lindsey and I watched the story of the engine 7 firehouse from NYC during 9/11 on CBS last night. It contained amateur video of that day’s terrible events. Amazingly, every fireman survived despite almost all of them being on upper floors of the North Tower (which collapsed second). This documentary stirred up a lot of feelings: Feelings of loss, feelings of hurt, feelings of how cowardly terrorists are, feelings of frustration that nothing has been rebuilt, feelings of disappointment by how the Bush Administration has handled most everything, and feelings of what I’d like done. They are:

  1. End the War in Iraq (not the war on terror). The US should admit to the war’s false creation and current existence as being a mistake, but continue military counter-terrorism efforts in Iraqi as necessary. Also, make the war on terror a legitimate world war against terrorist groups, not entire countries.
  2. Increase world counter-terrorism. Increase military counter-terrorism efforts throughout the world. This would entail relocating troops in Iraqi, but ideally, I’d hope to see less troops on active duty if possible.
  3. Overcome intimidation. Wikipedia states: “Acts of terrorism are not intended to merely victimize or eliminate those who are killed, injured or taken hostage but rather to intimidate and influence the societies to which they belong.” I will continue to live my life and not be intimidated by cowardly terrorists who will certainly launch future attacks. I’m more concerned with mitigating their frequency and intensity rather than their existence.
  4. Stop compromising American privacy. I’m with Ben Franklin on this one: “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

DISCLOSURE: I am a conservative, but not a supporter of the Bush administration. I also tend to stay out of politics, mainly because I don’t care much for them, so I am in no way an expert on the topic. Discount my thoughts as you see fit. Note: My opinion is subject to change.

“New York still remains the greatest city in the world. That must really bug America-haters everywhere.” – Gaping Void

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