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7 parenting facts, backed by science

Business Insider recently compiled the latest research on how parenting styles affect our grown children. For example, according to the American Medical Association, Harvard, the University of Michigan, and others:

  1. Kids who do chores grow into more independent and responsible adults.
  2. Kids who are taught social skills end up graduating from college and earning more money.
  3. Kids who were told white lies by their parents have a lot more trust issues as adults.
  4. Kids develop low self esteem after watching their parents speak negatively about their own bodies.
  5. Kids with high expectations and nurturing parents get better grades in school.
  6. Kids who are taught how to verbalize feelings get fewer divorces as adults.
  7. Kids who are sheltered by their parents suffer greater anxiety as adults.

Parenting isn’t easy. But reading the above makes me want to double my efforts. The upside is far too great than giving in to a daily tantrum.

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