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America: “The greatest attempt at democracy the world has ever seen”

I was out yesterday, but thought I’d chime in with my Independence Day thoughts. Note: Please don’t misunderstand the below comment for ethnocentrism or arrogance. It is only out of appreciation, pride, and in belief of the country which I call home.

“Despite its flaws, and there may be many, the United States is the greatest attempt at democracy the world has ever seen.” — some conservative Rodeo announcer I heard a few weeks ago while on leisure with family and friends.

I believe that statement to be true. I’ve hung my hat as an American abroad for two years in Brazil and would live there again in a heart beat, but I believe America really is the most progressive attempt at democracy the world has ever known despite our current and insipid executive branch (read: president). This is thanks in part to the Brits, the French, and the Greek before us, and I’m sure many others were influential as well.

UPDATE: Fixed “Greeks” mispelling. I’m a retard.