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Apple’s forgotten “third founder”

Steve Wozniak regarding Ronald Gerald Wayne, Apple Computer’s forgotten “third founder”: “Ron Wayne was a third partner for the Apple I ‘side’ business we started. Steve had 45%, I had 45%, and Ron had 10%. He wrote manuals and could decide things if Steve and I differed. He drew a picture of Newton under an Apple tree that we used on our first tiny manual. He also worked on the manual and wrote our partnership agreement.

When Steve worked out 30 days credit on parts like chips, and we were able to build and deliver Apple I’s and get paid in that 30 days, it was the start of things. But Ron was worried that some day we wouldn’t get paid and would owe thousands of dollars on the parts. Steve and I had no money and Ron had gold hidden in his mattress (or some such thing) and they’d try to get it from him. So he sold out for $300 or $800 or some such amount.”

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