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Custom Software Increases ROI

Pure Vida, an online retailer, opted to invest in a custom online database for it’s information system. It cost around $40,000, almost six times the cost of the best off-the-shelf package priced at $6,500.

However, the system helped increase the company’s sales from $100,000 to nearly $4 million in under five years. Talk about ROI. To be fair, custom software isn’t for everyone, but if you are serious about your business, the above example could easily become a reality through a custom software solution.

Griffio is currently helping a local firm cut their total process time of just one application by 95%. I know it sounds like drummed up marketing numbers, but it’s the truth. From 20 hours to 1 hour with good, made-to-order software. It’s those results that make our work meaningful.

(Source: Technology Review, July 2005)

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