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Digg and Delicious for Dummies

The web really should be making your life more productive by facilitating your information intake on a push basis (i.e. let the content come to you). Sure, there’s Google Alerts via RSS, but two other great tools you should consider using if you haven’t already are Digg and Delicious. Here’s a rundown on the two if you’re feeling out of the loop:

Digg. Think of Digg as the Google search engine run by humans. Individuals decide what tech sites are relevant for a searched topic, rather than a search bot or complicated algorithm. If you want to see what’s hot in technology news for any given day, just check Digg’s homepage. It features the fastest “people-linked” sites and topics on the net and is extremely relevant and fresh. I subscribe to several Digg searches, such as “project management” to stay on top of my game.

Delicious. This site is used to not only bookmark your favorite sites and pages online for later use, but you can tag (label for organization) and share your bookmarks with the rest of the world. Delicious is also entirely run by humans which is a good thing in terms of relevant search. Subscribe via RSS to a tag of your choice (say blog) and you will know what other sites people bookmark on the topic. I recently imported all more local IE and Firefox bookmarks into Delicious and have been productively using it ever since. You can find or subscribe to my bookmarks by clicking here (although I still need to organize my imported “all” bookmarks).

You should be using both sites along with Google alerts to monitor the subjects you’re interested in. This, more than anything else, should help you stay informed, and you don’t even have to go look for it. RSS is the only way to go. Just let it all come to you.

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