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FREE list of 20 products and services found online

I’d like to think of myself as a resourceful web ninja. That is, when I need something, I’ll look online for some type of free offering or alternative prior to buying. Case in point: Late last year I heard a song by this band called the Pernice Brothers entitled “There goes the sun.” I found the track on iTunes and was just about ready to “splurge” on the whole $.99 cent track, then it hit me: “Go see if you can find a free online download that many bands offer, you web ninja!” It took me about 10 seconds of Googling to find the same song, free of charge (and legal), and at a higher 192 bit rate than the lower quality iTunes mp3 (mp3 here via Spin). While I can’t always vouch for “free,” here are some useful links either in full or in part:

What are some of your favorite online freebies?