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“Gross” doesn’t begin to describe this parental nightmare

As a parent, one of my biggest fears is having either my three or one year-old get into something nasty, like human secretions. So you know I squirmed in my feed reader after seeing this story, courtesy of a family friend. Take it away, Susan:

Yesterday, I went with a friend to the local jumping place with the kids. Of course the trampolines get old after a bit and the kids tend to wander into places they shouldn’t go. Maya decided to try the bathroom out. I followed her in there not seconds after to find she had just taken the lovely green tampon applicator out of the nasty toilet trash. the mouth it went. GROSS. Okay, so I made this big scream and pretty much barfed in my mouth and am still barfing right now, flicked the NASTY green lollipop tampon applicator on the floor and washed her mouth out until she squirmed out of my arms screaming.

As if I needed more motivation in developing Nazi public restroom habits pertaining to my kids.