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How did LA Galaxy and Real Salt Lake make the MLS finals? They ingested magic herbs and super juice, of course!

2009 LA Galaxy jersey sponsored by Herbalife and 2009 Real Salt Lake jersey sponsored by XanGo

As if Major Leauge Soccer didn’t have enough credibility challenges, the two opposing teams playing in this weekend’s championship will be outfitted by two suspect companies—as they have been all year.

In one corner, you have the LA Galaxy sponsored by Herbalife, a multi-level marketing company out of Los Angeles that sells magic herbs. In the other corner, you have Real Salt Lake sponsored by XanGo, a multi-level marketing company out of Utah that sells super juice. (Match preview here.)

Both companies have on-going reputation issues with consumers and authorities alike, including pyramid scheme accusations, FDA warnings, Mayo Clinic debunkings, and class-action and Attorney General lawsuits for making widely inflated claims about the efficacy of their products (i.e. cure-all alternative medicines).

The incidental news comes as the improved Major League Soccer, now in its sixteenth year of operation, tries to position itself as a respected professional soccer league, despite its inability to attract top talent with money and fame like more popular European leagues.