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How T-Mobile Could Save $1M Per Month

I recently had an epiphany of sorts on how both my wireless carrier, T-Mobile, and myself could benefit from a new proposal to cut costs. I’m not talking about switching to Fedex but by using paper-less invoicing to internet savvy subscribers thus avoiding unnecessary paper, printing, and postage costs, and less hassle for me and my ever-so-full trash can. (Save trees too!)

According to my estimations, T-Mobile currently has 21 million US subscribers. Because 60% of Americans use the intenet, we’ll say around 13 million could potentially go paper-less. I estimate about half of those people use online banking, so we’re down to 6.5 million potential users. Now if all 6.5 million subscribers opted to use online notifications and payment processing to take care of their monthly bill, T-Mobile wouldn’t have to mail out the average 8-12 page invoice to each subscriber. Assuming each printed page costs .02 cents, that’s a minimum of .16 cents/month/subscriber. Add it all up, and the wireless carrier could save a little over $1 million dollars per month, excluding postage costs.

Tell you what, T-Mobile; implement this plan and I’ll split the savings with you. What can I say, I’m a nice guy.