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How to be concise? Avoid these 24 words…

… And don’t write long posts on how to be concise. Regardless, try and use the alternatives in parenthesis when you can:

  1. additional (extra)
  2. advise (tell)
  3. applicant (you)
  4. commence (start)
  5. complete (fill in)
  6. comply with (keep to)
  7. consequently (so)
  8. ensure (make sure)
  9. forward (send)
  10. in accordance with (under, keeping to)
  11. in excess of (more than)
  12. in respect of (for)
  13. in the event of (if)
  14. on receipt (when we/you get)
  15. on request (if you ask)
  16. particulars (details)
  17. per annum (a year)
  18. persons (people)
  19. prior to (before)
  20. purchase (buy)
  21. regarding (about)
  22. should you wish (if you wish)
  23. terminate (end)
  24. whilst (while)