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How to change the weather to your liking

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No one can predict the weather. But you can bend it to your will sometimes. Here’s how:

  1. Fly to a different climate. This is the most expensive option but arguably the most effective. Hop on a flight and enjoy a totally new season in mere hours.
  2. Go swimming. The most fun, if not affordable option. Only works in summer. Bonus points for making you feel like a kid again.
  3. Condition your air. Ya know—jack up the A/C, turn up the heat, start a fan, light a fire. Within a few minutes, you can reverse the outside weather.
  4. Head for cover. This is the fastest, might time-tested option. Could be an umbrella, under the shade of a tree, or cozy shelter. In life and in bad weather, there is no place like home.
  5. Change your attire. This may be the most overlooked, if not easiest option. In many cases, there’s no such thing as a weather problem, only an attire problem (i.e. you over or underdressed for the elements).

How you like them, life hacks?

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