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How to save $20,000 on unnecessary things

Not long ago, my buddy told me how much his parents spent on a monthly storage unit to house things they no longer used.

“That’s over $20,000 total!” I blurted out after crunching the numbers for the many years they’d leased the unit.

“Wow—you’re right,” he admitted after considering the math.

I respect free will, but I was saddened by the amount of waste. And I secretly hoped something could be done.

The next month, my friend and his wife did something wonderful.

They condensed the storage unit into a few bins they felt his parents might someday use, then threw out the rest. They stored the remaining bins in their own garage and canceled the lease.

Upon hearing the news, my friend’s parents were quiet, he told me. But after learning of all that had been done, they felt loved, helped, and supported.

What a happy ending.

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