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How we built a remote employee training company in six months

Last year in the middle of pandemic, my life-long friend, Wesley Lovvorn (pictured left) approached me (pictured right) about co-founding a company. I had been working from home for nearly two decades. He’d done so for almost a decade. Both of us had been self-help students for over 30 years. “Let’s combine the two and help the millions of employees now working from home,” he said.

After studying the market for several months, we discovered two things: 1) there wasn’t a dedicated company that did this, and 2) we possessed some promising experience, empathy, and research to make it happen. So we spent the next half year interviewing executives, speaking to mentors, developing the initial curriculum, branding ourselves as Power Space, and launching with two pilot customers last fall.

Since I come from a background as an explanatory writer-for-hire, I was dubbed “chief content officer” and tasked with producing the first year curriculum of 18 lessons. I also produce all of our marketing assets, such as press releases, content marketing, and websites that our outreach director (Hi, Abby!) then uses to spread the gospel. Since this is still a side hustle, I do all this in between my day job writing articles for Fortune 500 companies and fancy publications. 

As the CEO of a multi-million dollar construction company, Wesley assumed the role of “chief executive officer” of Power Space and was tasked with heading up our sales and day-to-day operations. Next to my wife and father, he’s one of the most diplomatic and organized people I know. And when he needs me or anyone from our team to improve our results, he always invites us in a gentle, zen-ful, Mr. Miyagi-like way that’s near impossible to take offense from. He’s inspiring. I’m thrilled to have him lead the company we co-founded together, appreciate the sacrifices he makes away from his day job, and have nothing but confidence in him. 

As for our name, the idea stemmed from our weekly “Power Calls” that we started holding during quarantine to check up on each other as friends, and see how we could help each other professionally. These calls went on for several months before we decided to start a company together. They still continue today, in addition to a weekly “Power Space” call to keep the engines running. We knew we liked the word “power” and believed remote employees needed a “space” to figure out the new rules and tricks of working from home. The name stuck. 

For the logo (pictured in between us), we chose an elegant “zen circle” or ensō. Since Wesley and I are both minimalists and devoted spiritualists (one part-time Buddhist, one full-time Christian), it just felt right. We also wanted a rainbow of color to be inviting to everyone (because exclusion is stupid). My sister-in-law Heather Smith created the design. We kept the circle open or incomplete to allow for ongoing development, not only as a company, but for the many employees we hope to instruct in the years to come. 

Obviously a lot more happened in our first six months of building a company. There were a lot of meetings, paperwork, crucial conversations, minor disagreements, failures, and successes. And we wouldn’t be where we are today without the gracious help of dozens of mentors, our technical point man Sujith Babu, and early pilot companies that believed in us. It’s been a rewarding experience in more ways than one, and we’re excited with the prospect of closing our first big customer this spring with over 2500 employees. 

What does the future hold? Only time will tell. But as I’m sure many of you have observed in your own communities and social circles recently, we believe the future is bright. So if you know anyone who is struggling to help their employees transition to full- or part-time remote work, or in getting the most from this promising but isolating environment, I hope you’ll consider us when planning your employee training this year. 

Thanks for thinking of us. 

Blake Snow
Director of content

PS—That photo of Wesley and I was shot in 2018 along the Inca Trail in Peru. We’ve done many multi-day hikes across several continents over the years, but that one was extra special. Shout out to Clay Wood, Chris Morell, and Adam Miele for joining us.