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Interactive TV: The future is now (and it’s free)

US Open Tennis 2009

I’m watching U.S. Open Tennis live, right now, in HD on the grand slam’s official website, It. Is. Awesome. Here’s why:

  1. You control coverage. Unlike TV, this broadcast lets you pick and choose which matches you want to see from all available courts, including picture in picture. Nice.
  2. Live commenting. Want to discuss the match with other fans in between side changes (or during points)? Click that little overlay in the upper right corner and you can.
  3. Stats on demand. How many unforced errors does Blake have? Click on the match stats overlay and bam!
  4. It’s free. What more can I say?

That’s interactive television done right. That’s the future of broadcasting. Now if only we can get a simple computer-to-TV streaming solution, as neither my Wii or PS3 browser is compatible.

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