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Interview with Eliot Jacobsen

I’ve just posted the first interview with a good friend and business associate of mine, Eliot Jacobsen, who is now the head of strategy at PayPal. From the Utah Monitor interview: “PayPal will succeed because we provide a compelling service to the ‘long-tail’ of eCommerce. With 1 million accounts, adding over 100,000 new accounts per year, PayPal will likely become one of the most important financial services companies of the new economy.”

I actually met Eliot via this very blog. He liked what I had to say about a certain topic and gave me a call. Griffio did some work with him shortly thereafter. He is a very sharp guy and has even put me in contact with other successful businessmen such as Jeff Jones. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, blogging has opened up more opportunities for me in the last year than anything else. So I guess a big thanks to all the Smooth Harold readers out there is in order.

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