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IRS Reconciliation

Yesterday was a fine, sunny, Easter day. I don’t know about you but Easter always seems nice, relaxed, sunny, and reverent. Then I awake this morning to a very cold house due to my leaving the windows opened and a drop in Utah temperature. Later on in the morning it even started snowing here in Orem. Why such a change, you ask? We’ll, today is tax day. That’s right, today Uncle Sam gets paid, and with that payment comes bad weather, gloomy skies, and a reluctant entrepreneur.

Although I feel at ease to have reconciled my liability with the IRS as company owner, it was tough to part with so much cash. Granted, I’ll pay my part because this country has made starting a company a very easy process. Plus I just feel so blessed. But death and taxes? Yeah, they’re absolutes in life and they always seem to come before you know, expect, or even want it.

Thank goodness for H&R Block.