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Major gas leaks are heinous, man

I looked outside my living room window last week to find quite the commotion. There were numerous service vehicles, police officers, firemen, and gas technicians eerily backing away from my condo. It should be noted that the department of transportation is widening the road in front of my place.

So I step outside my door to hear and smell a gas leak. A pretty sizable one, according to my senses. As I assessed the damage, I noticed emergency workers kept their distance, and even extended it. I was left wondering, “If repairmen are heading for cover, what am I doing here?” Sadie was taking a nap in her room while Lindsey and Maddie were at the store.

A few minutes later, a fireman (in full gear mind you) knocked on my door and informed me that there was a gas leak, that repair men were on the way, and that “the wind was in our favor.” Thanks wind. If anything changed, the worker would rush to evacuate the building (from a distance, even).

I’m happy to report that everything was taken care of within 20 minutes, but I must admit that seeing fire and rescue freak out had me a little concerned. I love municipal life.