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Mature trees: One thing money can’t buy

Ken Cook

Ken Cook

Lindsey and I have a beautiful 70 foot Maple in our backyard (similar to the one pictured, only bigger). It must have well over a million leaves. One side of its thick trunk can easily hide two grown adults.

It shades much of our home. Keeps our energy costs down. And is a joy to sit under at any time of the day—photosynthesizing leaves not only shading the sun, but cooling the surrounding air.

As for the rest of the property, the Maple gets “mature” back up from 12 surrounding friends: five in the front, three alongside the driveway, and four alongside the west side of the house. Additionally, there are three more adolescence trees working their way skywards.

What’s fascinating about mature trees is that they cannot be bought. Decades of time and fertile nutrients are their only asking price.

I suppose a “Who knows how many tons?” tree has been relocated before. But surly never by common folk. Which makes having such luxuries, even rented ones in my case, a real treat.

What’s more, it’s nice to be reminded of at least 13 “things” money can’t buy.