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Merging Competition

A lot of companies are merging these days. I was taught in business school that this is bad for competition. In the old world I agree. In the new world of peer-to-peer networking, I think the idea is outdated.

The eBay’s, Amazon’s, and even the Kazaa’s of the world will make sure that merging companies stay in check. No more monopolistic pricing and lack of innovation. We the consumers will stay connected in a peer-to-peer environment and force them to behave.

What makes all this possible? The internet. It changes how we access information, run businesses, and even work. Griffio is currently developing a web application for a new client that will cut their operational costs by 95%. It sounds crazy I know, but it’s true. From 20 hours to 1 hour of work time. That alone will help us compete with the big boys.