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Microsoft brand in sharp decline


IDG News (whom I freelance for) reports: “Microsoft’s brand power has been in sharp decline over the past four years, an indication the company is losing credibility and mindshare with U.S. business users, according to a recent study by market research firm CoreBrand.”

I enjoy seeing fat business cows get a proper market cleansing.

For what it’s worth, the only Microsoft software I currently use is the Xbox 360 Dashboard and XP Pro on an up-to-snuff Compaq desktop that will be replaced by an iMac in the next year or so. Google (email, office suite, calendar, search, instant messaging), Apple (OS, music, video), Mozilla (browser), Wells Fargo/US Bank (online banking), WordPress (blogging), Adobe (imaging, web editor), Quickbooks (accounting), Delicious (bookmarking), Sony (audio editing, recording), Skype (voip), and Cyberspace (everything else) take care of all my software needs.

Outside of the 360 interface (a keeper, which was designed by AKQA), I haven’t been excited for any Microsoft software in nearly eight years, this coming from a self-proclaimed technologist. Maybe MS should outsource all their design needs ’cause their internal schtuff ain’t getting it done.