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Mom & Pops: Don’t Blame Wal-Mart

Overheard in the September issue of Business 2.0: “I’m sick of hearing about big, bad Wal-Mart. Sure, mom-and-pop stores eventually closed after Wal-Mart arrived in my town 20 years ago. But all of these stores were selling products at much higher prices than Wal-Mart. Now the shopping center where Wal-Mart is located has more stores and more competition, which means better prices. This is the American way. Remember that Sam Walton started with one store. The opportunity he seized still exists today. Blaming Wal-Mart isn’t entrepreneurialism. It’s sour grapes.” – Doug Sce, Yardley, PA

I can’t think of any other store where I feel as good as I do after leaving Wal-Mart. While everyday low prices are the catalyst, the real achievement is the great feeling of walking out of Wal-Mart thinking you didn’t pay enough. That keeps people coming back. That feeling of, “holy crap, I just saved a buttload of money, and it feels good. What else can I buy here?”

What do you think of Wal-Mart? Answer in terms of where you spend your money rather than the weak brand the company might have.